The Law Firm Zacher & Partner in Cologne

The lawyers of Zacher & Partner advise entrepreneurs and individuals throughout Germany on legal and tax matters and offer court representation.

In our areas of specialization:

capital investments - banking - real estate - property - family - taxation

we work with our clients on an individual basis founded on mutual trust which benefits from the entrepreneurial experiences of our partners.

Our lawyers have been working in their respective spheres of expertise for many years. Through their work in specialist circles, talks, publications and the acquisition of numerous additional qualifications they have gained their deserved reputation.

In the field of capital investments Zacher & Partner’s specialists represent market participants all over Germany in liability cases. Providers of financial services and products likewise appreciate our market knowledge and expertise when it comes to the structuring of investment products ranging from private placements to the issue of stock exchange-traded shares. Those selling investments and insurances know our experience in the laws relating to supervision and sale. We enjoy the same confidence in us from our clients from the leasing and factoring sectors and the wide field of real estate.

When advising on matters relating to family law and the law of succession our specialists include entrepreneurial and tax-related decisions that may have to be taken. Our lawyers point out alternatives to court proceedings and offer direct and discreet solutions.

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Zacher & Partner

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