Capital Investment Law

The Law relating to Capital Investments has for many years been one of the core areas of our law firm. Our lawyers specializing in Banking and Capital Markets Law will advise you on all out-of-court matters and represent you in court. In addition, our lawyers are active in the teaching of law and are members of various associations. We have successfully guided our clients through numerous issuing procedures for so called grey capital market products, shares and securities and have gained relevant experience while assisting in over 1000 liability cases. Our clients benefit from our legal services:

  • representation in and out of court in liability cases involving investment advisors/investment intermediaries/finance and insurance brokers/broker platforms/independent financial advisors working on a fee basis /estate planners etc.
  • representation in cases of prospectus liability and liability of distributors, issuers, initiators and banks
  • representation of other parties in liability cases such as trustees, fund use controllers, auditors,  prospectus auditors etc.
  • advice to investment intermediaries and consultancies, especially on legal requirements for consulting services to their customers, including preventive measures such as consultancy minutes, information duties regarding press releases, kickback commissions etc.
  • designing of capital investment products; the drawing-up of entire contract sets on legal and tax-related issues concerning open-end and closed-end funds, the issue of securities and shares (IPOs) and tax-optimized investment products as well as Mezzanine financing.
  • the drawing-up of sales prospectuses and offering prospectuses
  • guidance through listing procedures and prospectus examination procedures
  • one-stop management services for all day-to-day legal and tax matters concerning, for example, shares, securities, participation rights, real estate funds, REITs, media funds etc. in Germany and abroad
  • reorganization and restructuring of closed-end funds and other investment projects
  • consultancy where foreign countries are involved
  • advice on questions relating to supervisory law and representation vis-à-vis supervisory authorities (BaFin, Federal Office for the Supervision of Financial Services)
  • consultancy and representation regarding questions of admission to and exercising the profession of financial services providers
  • legal aspects around the sale of insurances and the Insurance Contract Act (VVG)
  • support in communication with industry and trade directories, associations, credit rating agencies and the press
  • regular liaison with EU authorities and institutions

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