Tax Law

Tax Law is one of our core competencies where we cover one-stop a wide spectrum of consultation which reaches far beyond regular tax advice. When required, we work in discreet cooperation with your or our tax consultant and chartered accountant respectively. Our clients benefit from our legal services:

  • advice on tax optimization in Germany and abroad
  • tax-optimized concepts of capital investments
  • advice on and planning of tax- and legally efficient succession in a business
  • asset protection
  • consultancy about foundations/trusts in Germany and abroad
  • cooperation and communication with tax advisers/chartered accountants abroad regarding cross-border matters
  • representation in international mutual agreement procedures, especially associated with the double taxation agreement
  • expert opinions on national and international tax aspects and questions associated with the preparation of balance sheets
  • obtaining of binding information from fiscal authorities
  • representation in proceedings about the assessment of taxes
  • guidance, advice and participation in tax audits, investigations and associated concluding discussions
  • representation in objection proceedings
  • legal representation in finance court proceedings
  • consultation and defence in proceedings on tax crimes and economic crimes
  • filing of appeals against search warrants, confiscations, freezing injunctions and arrests in the above proceedings
  • advice on voluntary self-denunciations concerning tax evasions and subsequent tax declarations
  • negotiations and binding agreements with the authorities in connection with tax issues
  • advice and representation related to the liability of tax consultants and chartered accountants

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